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Pompeii By Night

Question: What’s eerier than surveying the ruins of Pompeii? Answer: Visiting them at night. According to the ansa.it news service, Pompeii will once again offer its popular “Sound-and-Light” tour, a one-hour look at the ancient Roman city complete with ambient music, flood-lit ruins, and a video simulation of the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed the …

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The Roma Pass

Here’s an update to yesterday’s post about Saving Money with Combined Tickets. In addition to some other combined ticket options on offer in the Eternal City, there’s also the Roma Pass. The €20*, 3-day pass entitles the holder to “free” entry to two museums, reduced rates to other museums, access to all public transport, discounts on …

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Saving Money with Combined Tickets

It’s tough to be an American tourist in Europe right now, what with the dollar sinking to new lows against the euro every day. The New York Times had a fantastic Practical Traveler feature a few months back titled 10 Ways to Keep Europe Within Reach. I’d like to add to this advice with my own suggestion …

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