Psst…Wanna Buy a Tuscan Farmhouse?

Tuscan Farmhouse for Sale
Tuscan Farmhouse for Sale

The New York Times Real Estate section is profiling a Tuscan farmhouse for sale. The asking price? Around €900,000 or $1.3 million. Really, if you can get a good mortgage (and that, of course, may be the kicker), it’s not such a bad deal. Some Manhattan 1 bedrooms go for as much.

Really Cheap Real Estate in Sicily

Here’s your chance to buy a really cheap house in Italy.

According to Italy Magazine, the Sicilian town of Salemi is selling homes in the town’s historic center which have been ravaged by earthquakes for the fair price of €1. The catch? Buyers must restore the homes “sympathetically” within two years.

Salemi (see this place on a map) is famous for having been the site where Giuseppe Garibaldi claimed Sicily for King Vittorio Emanuele on May 14, 1860, and for the earthquakes that shook the town in 1968. Mayor Vittorio Sgarbi and councillor Oliviero Toscani (of Benetton photo campaign fame) hope that this new scheme will bring Salemi a new kind of fame. Apparently, some Italian stars, such as Lucio Dalla and Inter Milan owner Massimo Moratti, are considering the Salemi real estate offer.

For more information, visit the Salemi website.