Video: Ancient Rome in XX Minutes

Educational video breaks down the history of Ancient Rome in 20 minutes.

Atlas of Ancient Rome

The Atlas of Ancient Rome: Your New Favorite Coffee Table Book

The Atlas of Ancient Rome, a gorgeous, new two-volume set edited by Andrea Carandini, promises to be an “authoritative archeological survey of Rome from prehistory to the early medieval period.” The slip-cased set is available now.

Aerial Views of Ancient Rome

Leave it to Google to continue to make geography cool and engaging. Yesterday, Google revealed the new Ancient Rome 3D layer, which allows viewers to “fly” over the city as it was during the heyday of the Forum and Colosseum.…

Ancient Rome Rebuilt

Thanks to historians, architects, archeologists and other scholars at the University of Virginia and UCLA, ancient history buffs can virtually explore the wonders of Rome, including the Colosseum and the Forum. Rome Reborn 1.0 is a digital model of Eternal…


Rome’s Ancient Pantheon to Begin Charging Admission

The Pantheon, one of the last major landmarks in Rome with free entry, will soon begin to charge admission.

The Rise and Fall of Rome Found in Layers of Arctic Ice

A new study shows how scientists can learn about Ancient Rome from layers of Arctic ice.

Galleria Spada - Borromini's Perspective

House Museums of Rome: Art-Filled Oases Minus the Crowds

The house museums and palace galleries of Rome are among the city’s best-kept secrets.