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November in Italy: Holidays, Festivals, and Other Events

November (Novembre) is the height of the low tourist season in Italy. One of the main reasons for this is…

2 months ago

UNESCO Heritage Sites in Italy

Italy holds the record for the most UNESCO heritage sites in the world. (more…)

3 months ago


4 years ago

Anniversaries in Italian History: Dates Every Curious Traveler to Italy Should Know

Walking down a street in Rome or Genova or Trieste, you may notice that the street sign is named after…

7 years ago

The Art of Nobel Winner Dario Fo

Dario Fo's "The Earthquake in L'Aquila" Calling Italian playwright Dario Fo a "Renaissance" man would probably irk him given his…

7 years ago

Marble Run: Shopping for Traditional Marbled Products in Italy

Marble, either as a substance or a style, runs through three different artisan crafts that are famous in Italy.

8 years ago

20 Things To Love About Italy: Molise to Veneto

Part 2 of 20 Things We Love About Italy includes travel ideas for the regions of Molise, Piemonte, Puglia, Sardinia,…

11 years ago

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