A Video Game for Italophiles…Who Knew?

A number of press releases come across our desk, most of them irrelevant to our interests or assignments. One that came over the wire today is about Anacapri: The Dream, a video game that takes place in Capri and Anacapri.

According to the release, the game requires that “you assume the role of an expert in ancient civilizations beckoned to Anacapri, a place of beauty and mystery. Here, you must search for an ancient artifact once believed lost to the ages. On the trail for clues, you encounter real villagers of Anacapri, as well as historical figures who once lived on the island. As you explore the Grotto of Ferns, Walkway of the Forts, Marina Piccola, Palazzo a Mare, Red Beard’s Castle, the Phoenician Staircase, and much more, you experience the fantastic legends and lore of this magical place.” In addition, the game “is comprised of more than 8,000 detailed photographs taken around the real island of Capri and its charming village of Anacapri.”

We’re not gamers, but this is one that we may have to check out.


Your Thoughts?

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