Thank you for your interest in advertising and sponsorship opportunities on Italofile.

Italofile is open to advertising and wants to work with relevant partners who wish to reach an audience of cultured travelers.

Readers of this site are interested in travel, of course–but also art, books, film, history, food and wine (from street eats to fine dining), Italian-Americana, and similar topics.

Advertising Options

Advertisers/sponsors can pay to place a text-based ad at the end of a post (maximum two links) or in a sidebar or footer of the site (maximum one link).

If you have other advertising ideas in mind, please get in touch with your suggestions using the contact form below or by sending an email to

Italofile does not currently accept guest posts from companies.

Sponsored Travel and Tours

Italofile is currently based in Rome. Therefore, sponsored travel and tours within Italy may be the best investment for both sponsor and site.

Sponsored travel will result in a post or series of posts about the destination with a disclaimer that says, “Travel expenses were paid by [sponsoring company].”

An example of a post written as the result of a sponsored tour.

Sponsors are also welcome to contact me about advertising opportunities on my Facebook page or Instagram.

Please note that sponsored travel outside of Rome must include transportation and/or accommodations.

Contact Italofile Regarding Advertising or Sponsorship Opportunities