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AlItalia Launches New Italy Travel Website

Photo: Discover Italy

Three of Italy’s best known names in travel and dining have just launched a new website to inspire travel to Italy.

AlItalia, along with editorial partners Touring Club Italiano and Gambero Rosso, today introduced Discover Italy The website features city guides (20, as of this writing), travel ideas, and details on the Italian way of life, from fashion and design to traditional recipes.

So far, my favorite part of this new website is the “Inspire Me” button, which randomly picks a destination or an Italian specialty for visitors to learn more about. At the bottom of each article, visitors can click an image that leads directly to AlItalia’s online reservations area.

While there is no shortage of travel websites about Italy (ahem), Discover Italy is a well-curated inspiration engine with lots of beautiful, high-resolution photos. Providing content from TCI and Gambero Rosso, two expert voices in the Italian travel industry, was a smart move for the airline. Hopefully, AlItalia will stay in business for a little while longer.

via Alitalia Discover Italy | Italy Travel Guide | Alitalia discover italy

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