Be a Renaissance Man (or Woman)

It may sound like the latest droll tour to capitalize on the wildly popular Dan Brown thriller. But, happily, the Da Vinci Capers is a unique tour package for men and women looking to tap into their inner Leonardo.

As the trip packager’s website announces, the Da Vinci Capers is “an experience, not a tour.” Indeed, the Da Vinci Capers experience gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy the Italian countryside with activities such as painting and photography workshops, cooking lessons, sculpting classes, and even philosophical chats over cups of espresso.

Travelers can choose from two locations for their learning vacation. The Tuscany tour is centered mostly around Lucca (though, curiously, not in Vinci, Leonardo’s home town), while the other tour goes to Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast, with a side trip to Pompeii.

These tours will take place in the fall, but are already filling up fast. For more information, see


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