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Dreaming of Basilicata

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Bad experiences can happen in Italy. You may lose your wallet, have to deal with a brusque waiter, or turn your ankle while walking on a cobbled path.

Despite unfortunate circumstances, it seems like everyone I have ever talked to who has visited Italy thinks of it the way that Matthew Brown does: Italy as fever dream. It is a place of red roofs, blue grottoes, smiling nonnas, and never-ending glasses of wine.

This video uses spinning imagery to convey the whirlwind pace of a vacation in Italy, where even if you are moving slowly, your senses are absorbing every small detail.

Matthew Brown is the creative genius behind the above video, “Dreaming In Italy,” which was one of several videos sponsored by the Basilicata Tourism Board with their project cantforget.it{aly}.

The cantforget.it project invited seven photographers, videographers, animation artists, and bloggers all under the age of 35 to create “viral videos” on Basilicata, the region situated in the Italian boot’s instep not known for its thriving tourist industry. These Digital Diaries – check out the YouTube channel or view the videos in HD on the cantforget.it website – are all in English and are great places to get lost if you feel like daydreaming about Italy for a while.

Do these videos make you want to visit Basilicata? I’m ready to pack my bags.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this.  I’m lucky to live in Basilicata and while it’s not well known to tourists, there are lots of gems here to explore!

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