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parcoautunnoFall is a great time to explore Italy’s national and regional parks, what with the beautiful foliage changing colors and the majority of tourists – both Italian and international – having packed up their bags and headed home. Italy currently has 22 national parks – with two more in the process of being established – and dozens upon dozens of regional parks and protected areas.

The best place to find information about Italy’s parks is at the parks portal at Here you will find information about each of the parks, staying or dining near the parks, and upcoming events, among many other details. Some autumn events that caught my eye are the Night Tour in the Parco in Ussita in Le Marche, Wolf Weekend in Aquila (Abruzzo), and Trekking with Donkeys Between Fairy Tales and Chestnut Woodlands near Rome. And, for you gadget heads, Italy’s park service is experimenting with GPS-guided walks.

One of the best tools for researching and deciding on a park to visit is the map tool. Here, you can zero-in on parks within regions or provinces. For example, I chose to search parks in the region of Lazio and the province of Rome. The result was 31 protected areas, including one protected wetland. Though you can’t click through on every park to find out more info about it, you can learn which ones are nearby. So, if the din of Rome is getting to you, you’ll see that green space is not very far away!

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Photo by troise