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A placid canal in Venice

On Being Lost in Italy

  • 4 min read

The footsteps behind us were worrisome.

With each step that landed on the worn, slightly slick cobblestones, an equal but louder pair of footsteps resonated behind my husband and me as we tried to find our way back to our Venice hotel on a frigid November night. Not too far away, the warm, convivial sounds of students who had just finished their exams oozed out of the San Polo enoteca each time someone pulled the door open to step inside.

It was freezing in Venice, tourists were scant, and joining the locals for a round or two of prosecco seemed more worth our while than heading back to our hotel, especially given the prospect that someone could be right behind us.

On Being Lost in Italy

Five Fabulous Art Works in Rome You May Have Missed

  • 7 min read

Deciding on a favorite piece of art in Italy is similar to picking a favorite child: it’s an impossible task.

On some days, when thinking about Italy’s great art works, a certain color combo will grab me or maybe a dark mood has me preferring chiaroscuro over lighter fare. At any rate, this month’s Italy Blogging Roundtable topic is favorite work of art in Italy. So, I plan to introduce you five of my favorites.

Five Fabulous Art Works in Rome You May Have Missed