Gourmet’s All Italy Issue

Gourmet MagazineThose of you with a subscription to Gourmet magazine – or at least a keen eye at the supermarket checkout – already know that the January 2007 issue of Gourmet is all about Italy. We were thrilled to pick up this issue at the newsstand yesterday, as it includes an article by Lidia Bastianich about the food of Istria and Friuli; a Food Lover’s Guide to Milan; and a profile by Colman Andrews (formerly of Saveur) on renowned Tuscan restaurant Gambero Rosso (Piazza della Vittoria, 13, San Vincenzo (Livorno); 0565-70-10-21.) Other regions covered in this issue are Sicily, Alto Adige (a piece on cheese by Sean Wilsey), and Puglia.

Unfortunately, none of this content is available on the Gourmet website. So go out and get this issue while it’s still around.


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