Happy 2007 and Best of ’06

Ponte Vecchio, FlorenceFelice Anno Nuovo! We’re looking forward to bringing you the best info for travel to Italy. Last year saw a lot of fantastic articles about traveling in Rome, Tuscany, and around the “boot.” Here are some of the most popular and a few of our favorites.

From the New York Times:
Exploring Tuscany’s Lost Corner
The Bounty of Rome
The Riches of Lucca
The Allure of Italy’s Lakes
36 Hours: Rome

From The Washington Post:
Parking It in Tuscany

From Travel and Leisure:
Rome for Real

From Conde Nast Traveler:
Classic Rock (Sardinia)
Something New Under the Sun (Puglia)

From Gridskipper:
$100 in Rome (Shameless personal plug!)

From The Guardian:
Rock Chic (Basilicata)
How to Do Venice Like the Venetians
Sniffing Out a Bargain (Truffle Hunting in Langhe)

From the L.A. Times:
Milan: The Land of the Spree

From The Sunday Times (U.K.):
Italy for Bookworms

Missing some of your favorites from the past year? Let us know.


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