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Cityscape of Matera, Basilicata

  • 1 min read
Today’s photo comes from the stony, surreal cityscape of Matera, Basilicata. I was reminded to post about the 2019 Italian Capitale della Cultura after yesterday’s announcement proclaiming Parma the Italian cultural capital for 2020. We’re currently in the Year of… Cityscape of Matera, Basilicata

Five Favorite Obelisks in Rome

  • 5 min read
Rome is city of obelisks. Here is information on five obelisks that you'll definitely see while visiting the Eternal City.

Aerial Views of Ancient Rome

  • 1 min read
Leave it to Google to continue to make geography cool and engaging. Yesterday, Google revealed the new Ancient Rome 3D layer, which allows viewers to “fly” over the city as it was during the heyday of the Forum and Colosseum.… Aerial Views of Ancient Rome