Italy Is A-Twitter

It happens to the best of us. We stop to check out a new technology/trend/what-have-you and forget about our blogs.

For the past several months, as I’ve relocated to the U.S. once again and tried to make a nice summer for my two young sons, I’ve certainly had my blog on my mind. Unfortunately, I’ve had the attention span of a [insert distractable creature here – toddler?] and have not had the opportunity to really sit down and write any meaningful blog posts about Italy – my passion.

This is where Twitter comes in.

I signed up for twitter in the spring to see what was all about. What I found was a parallel universe of people dishing out travel, writing, technology, humor, etc., in 140 characters or less. I’ve become hooked – to the detriment of this blog.

You don’t need me to tell you about twitter, of course. It’s a worldwide trend. Lots of PR firms and tourism agencies are using the power of twitter for marketing. But I was particularly interested in which official Italy tourism boards were tweeting and where some of the most prolific tweeps were tweeting from (if you don’t understand the lingo, google it!). Here is a short run-down. I’m hoping that by getting this blog post/tweet out there that more tourism boards and people from areas not covered below will start tweeting and/or more of my twitter friends will send me leads for more.

Rome Tweeps
@WikiRoma (in Italian)

Venice Tweeps

Tuscany Tweeps

Umbria Tweeps

Campania Tweeps (Naples/Amalfi Coast/Capri)

Sicily Tweeps

Tourism Board Tweeps
@TuscanyTourism – Tuscany Tourism Board
@APTVersilia – the tourism board of the subregion of Versilia in Tuscany
@RegioneVeneto – Veneto region tourism board

You can find more fine tweeters, such as Jessica at Italylogue (@italylogue), by looking at the people I follow by going to my twitter account @italofileblog or checking out #italy via twitter search.

Photo by tentonipete.


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  1. Hi Melanie,

    I work for Babble — strollerderby blog — and saw your great review of forte dei marni. I was hoping you would email me — I have a quick question about the town/hotels for a personal trip. (Sorry, couldn’t find your email on the sites!)

    All best,


  2. Ciao Melanie! Thanks for following me on Twitter. Interesting blog. You might enjoy mine too–lots of articles on Italian art, food, culture, travel, etc. ( I’d love to “talk” with you via email: Best, Paula

  3. Twitter name MSUCHRISR

    I’m Italian, I love Italia, I love Twitter & I love my Iphone!
    …oh I love Italofile also. Hopefully I will be back in Italia by the end of the
    year and I will use Italofile for resources!
    A great website!


  4. I’m KreegadyKreegs on Twitter. Fell in love with Italy on a visit to Umbria in 2004 – now I would do anything to be able to live in Umbria.

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