Jetsetters Guide to Portofino

If you’re the type of person for whom money is no object, then you’d probably enjoy Nota Bene, a customized, subscription-only guidebook series. NB produces guides for the “discerning traveler.” Apparently, this is the type of traveler who can lease a “four-cabin Continental 80” boat for €6,000 per day or pay £350 for a 10-issue subscription to what amounts to a high-end travel magazine.

Nevertheless Nota Bene does produce some good-looking guides. And, lucky for us plebs, they’ve released a sample of their Portofino guide. You can download it here (PDF). If you’re satisfied, you can sign up to be a member of NB, which will entitle you to view other Italy guides including Milan, Rome, Capri, and Venice. 

Now, if only we could get a free trip to Portofino, not just a guide… 


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