Rumblings in the Wine World

It has been a little under two weeks since Italy announced the findings in the Brunello di Montalcino scandal. In case you haven’t been following this case, Italian authorities – prompted by the United States – started an investigation to find out whether some renowned manufacturers of Brunello di Montalcino were making their wines with a blend of grapes instead of 100% Sangiovese. “Operazione Mixed Wine” found that five wineries – Antinori, Argiano, Banfi, Casanova di Neri and Marchese de Frescobaldi – were in fact mixing wines.

Vinowire, a blog that has been following the whole controversy, has posted notes on the fallout from its editor Franco Ziliani. You can read a translation here or check out Ziliani’s Vino al Vino blog for the original Italian.

Because of its high price tag, I don’t have many chances to indulge in Brunello. But it’s fascinating – and enraging, really – to think that the imported Brunello I have enjoyed wasn’t truly the real thing. I wonder what other Italian wineries and foodstuff producers are cutting corners? See A Slippery Business for another unfortunate example.

Photo by O. Strama

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  1. Hi , I am Franco Ziliani’s friend and I would like to inform you about a documentary( 30 min) made recently in Puglia (Italian heel).It talks about grapes being taken from Puglia region and used to make wines in Northern Italy. I wish this documentary could be shown on a national chanel in US. The timing is wright. The film director who made this documentary, Pascal Pezzuto has no luck in showing it on Italian national TV.

    1. Ciao, Ana! Thank you for the info about the documentary. Is there anywhere on the web where someone can see this documentary? Does Mr. Pezzuto have a website? I’d be happy to link to him and to find out more about this wine controversy.

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