Some Sicilian Sites

One of our resolutions this year at Italofile is to go beyond our comfort zone of Central Italy and highlight other parts of the country.

In the past week or so, two Sicily guides caught our eye. The aptly-named has a lot of travel ideas for Sicily and good info on Sicilian food. Its companion blog has up-to-the-minute Sicily info, such as mafia busts, hotel projects, and museum closings.

Similarly, Siciliae blog has tons of tips on the attractions and culture of Sicily. Rather ambitously, Siciliae submits its blog posts in Italian and English and has produced several videos about Catania and Palermo, which you can watch if you link to YouTube.

Both of these sites are quite new on the scene: SicilyGuide is about 1 year old, Siciliae only a few months. But keep them in mind if you want a fresh look at the “big island.” Also, don’t forget the Sicily Tourist Board for the latest word on events, accommodations, and and itineraries in Sicily.


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