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Palazzo Colonna: A Hidden Palace in the Heart of Rome

  • 5 min read

Although I have spent years exploring Rome, I am often surprised by little things I have never noticed. A spider decoration above a door or a hidden flood marker on the side of a building can fill me with glee. “Ahhhh, how many others have noticed that?” I muse.

But on a recent tour with Context Travel I found that there are still several very big things in this city that I have overlooked, places that have been hiding in plain sight that I just hadn’t bothered to check out.

Palazzo Colonna: A Hidden Palace in the Heart of Rome

Milan Duomo

The Milano Duomo, Inside and Out

  • 4 min read

Milan’s famed Duomo, also known as Santa Maria Nascente (Saint Mary of the Nativity), is that jagged, Gothic behemoth that defines the city’s traditional skyline. The Duomo is the second largest church in Italy (second only to Saint Peter’s in size) and it took more than 500 years to complete, with more than 78 architects and engineers heading the project from its groundbreaking in 1386 to its completion in 1965.

The Milano Duomo, Inside and Out

Ancient Rome Rebuilt and Reborn

  • 1 min read
Rome Reborn, a digital model of the Rome within the Aurelian Walls, is one of the most comprehensive representations of the ancient city ever assembled.