Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day. So How Long Did It Take?

Rome has been written about so many times that we've all seen variations on the cliché phrase "Rome wasn't built…

3 months ago

The Atlas of Ancient Rome: Your New Favorite Coffee Table Book

The Atlas of Ancient Rome, a gorgeous, new two-volume set edited by Andrea Carandini, promises to be an "authoritative archeological…

3 years ago

Rome’s Ancient Pantheon to Begin Charging Admission

The Pantheon, one of the last major landmarks in Rome with free entry, will soon begin to charge admission. (more…)

3 years ago

Raining Rose Petals Inside the Pantheon On Pentecost Sunday

La Pioggia di Petali di Rose, or the Rain of Rose Petals, brings religious Rome and ancient Rome together in…

4 years ago

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