New Moon Fever in Volterra
New Moon Fever in Volterra

The windswept, medieval Tuscan town of Volterra has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to the hype surrounding New Moon, the second book in the teenage vampire series Twilight. Author Stephenie Meyer set a scene between Bella, the heroine, and Edward, her undead lover, in Volterra. And now this small town in western Tuscany has become a tourist attraction.

Volterra has never really been much of a Tuscan hotspot, being highly overshadowed by Pisa, the capital of its province. Now, according to USA Today, wide-eyed, vampire-loving tourists are coming to Volterra to take the New Moon tour. USA Today has provided a photo slideshow of the tour.

Want to know what else to do in Volterra? Visit the Official Volterra Tourism Website. Here you can learn about Volterra’s museums, including the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum, which showcases the history and artifacts from Volterra’s ancient past. Maybe Edward was Etruscan? I don’t know – you’ll have to read the book!

Or see the movie. The film version of New Moon comes out on November 20.

Photo from USA Today

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